Fall Cornucopia

My horn of plenty overfloweth!

A professional life, especially one associated with the gig economy, is always a balancing act. Even before you add in family and other considerations, there’s the uncertain dates on gigs, the auditioning for multiple overlapping projects in the assumption you won’t get most of them (and the pleasant yet panic-inducing feeling when you do), the travel plans… it’s a good struggle to have, because it means you must be doing something right… until you start screwing things up because you bit off more than you can chew.

I don’t think I’m quite there yet.

Currently writing from my airBnB in Brooklyn, teaching for the Summer Sling stage combat workshop. First time back here (both workshop and NYC I think) since 2011, when I interned at the Sling and got some renewals as a part of my build-up to the Teacher Certification Workshop (which I did in 2012). Great to be back. Got in midnight last night, thanks to some travel delays, but basically came here straight from Orlando (flew back to Cleveland, swapped suitcases from the car in the satellite parking, went back to airport).

Earlier this summer I did fights for more shows with Karamu House (The Adventures of the Black Girl in Her Search for God) and Dobama (When Farah Cries), both for the BorderLight Theatre Festival, and Tom at the Farm for Convergence/Continuum.

Had a good and productive time at the ATHE theatre conference this past week. presenting on Consent in Movement and Combat Instruction and Evolution of the Michael Chekhov Technique, both panels filled with old friends at this point. Tacked on a couple days for Disney with the family, who joined me in Orlando. Means I showed up here in NYC already having blisters and sore feet from all the walking, but it worked! Lots of great momentum at ATHE around Intimacy work (both IDI and TIE were well represented) and diversity (plenary sessions and keynote talks and panels), both of which are at the forefront of our evolving industry. I managed to land an Assistant Faculty position with Theatrical Intimacy Education (TIE), but they have their certification process on hold while they figure out inclusivity and intersectionality questions, so I’m not sure where exactly that’s all going to go in the coming year, but I look forward to finding out. In the meantime, it was great catching up with a lot of VCU alums, ATME members, stage combat buddies, and other connections I hadn’t seen in ages. That wasn’t something I could do while based in Wyoming, between the geographic isolation and the complete lack of professional development support.

Here at the Summer Sling, I’m teaching morning sessions on Sentiment du Fer (had that this morning), Rhythm as a choreographic and expressive tool in unarmed (tomorrow morning), The moulinet in combat, and assisting with the choreography track the rest of the day(s).

Also trying to edit my second book (need to cut about 20K words still, plus do more illustrations and video), and get ready for the show I’m directing in the first slot (Bethany, which auditions the first week of classes, the week after I get back). The day after I get back I’ll be in the first rehearsal for Into the Breeches, my first real solid fight gig at Cleveland Playhouse, plus probably one of those nights back at Dobama theatre to help with some gun stuff for Stupid Fucking Bird. Sent in one video audition while in Orlando, for the first thing sent on to me by Docherty Talent, and just got another one from them today. Also had one through the local stunt coordinator. Several faculty and advising meetings the week I get back as well, so it’s all packed in nicely. Should be able to pull this all of, so long as I don’t get sick (several family members are, and I was just sharing a hotel room with them in Orlando). Falling behind on things like PewTube videos, especially since my laptop has been filling up with book image files.

Wishing I had more time to enjoy NYC while I’m here, but one can only ask so much of life!



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