Yep, still here. Mostly.

Hanging in there, like most folks I know!

Just closed out my first directing gig in the age of Covid. Was assigned by my department with the intent of being a quick staged reading, going up the second week of classes… but I really didn’t want to offer just yet another Zoom meeting with people talking – and with strange speech patterns on top of that. So I opted to keep rehearsal to about a week and a half before classes started and into the first week, then record them, and do a little basic editing of the Zoom recording. The actors all had varied audio gear, internet quality, lighting, etc., and none of them had green screens, but the Zoom virtual background of a chromakey template did a good enough job for what it was. I added in some basic sound effects and background atmosphere, some subtle setting intro fades for scenes, and a scroll of the script. Seems like it got a pretty positive response, which is gratifying, and it fit the slot we try to offer every year or two of a classical or otherwise heightened speech piece:

Now I’m able to focus more on the wacky world of online teaching (this semester it’s an undergrad Acting class, and Stage Combat with the MFAs). Starting to get my space and tools figured out by now:

As with I think everyone, gigs are kinda slow right now… did a little work on a BIPOC-led cop drama thing last Fall and might do a bit more with that later if they get more funding. Might be working on a Karamu House show that’s recording and then going online later in the Spring. Just sent off an audition tape for something shooting later in the Spring. That’s about it… but it’s also been good to have time to focus more on keeping the household/family running and together, on my teaching, etc… plus the usual committees and service that faculty work entails; we’re in scholarship audition season, so I’ve been putting together videos for undergrad recruitment, doing Q&As and mini workshops, and will have a full day of auditions this coming weekend.

Looking forward to a time when enough of us can get vaccinated and we can all meet again.

Stay warm, safe, and healthy my friends!


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