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Go West Young(ish… sorta…) Man.

It’s been a busy few months in Fight Designer land; thus the radio silence. Since the last post… the Theatrical Firearms Handbook is in the hands of the copyeditors at Focal Press, having gotten several chapters re-organized and partially re-written thanks to the excellent feedback from Robb Hunter of fellow props company Preferred Arms. We […]


It’s been quite the week… no time for a proper post myself, but my last several days’ experience are already written up on the VCU blog:   Loving everyone at Arena Stage!  

The Artsies

Richmond theatre was on fine display last night, and it was good to see so many familiar faces – I suppose I am finally starting to become a part of the local scene now. It marked my first time at an awards gala. The tux was brought out of the closet – a set I […]


Back now from the Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE) annual conference, plus the Association for Theatre Movement Educators (ATME) pre-conference (which only happens every two years). All in all, it was a great experience. I found many kindred spirits and what I can only think of as wise elders of my tribe at […]

Awaiting the epilogue

Just sent in what may be the last assignment of my time as a (matriculated, at least) student. It’s been one of my better roles, I think, and with quite the run, even this last two year re-staging in Richmond. As with all shows, there’s a bit of a crash at the end, especially when […]


I’ll do more to integrate this with the website later, but I’m trying out the Affiliates program with Kult of Athena, for anyone looking to purchase their own swords instead of renting:     This is where I purchased the recently reviewed Tinker Line bastard swords, and KoA’s had a rep for years (discussed at […]

Claim your Domain

A birthday present from my wife (who also designed this blog and gives me yet another online home, The text is a constant work in progress, as all job application materials are, but it has been acquiring some sense of completion this week. Designed to help me find the faculty work I’m looking […]

Apply yourself

Of the many applications I’ve fired off in the last few months, there’s one I’ve been working towards more than any other… after fourteen years of formal study (and some efforts before that) in stage combat, I’ve applied for the Teacher Certification Workshop this Summer, with the intent of becoming a Certified Teacher with the […]

Directing Project share

Another video share for this week: This was a devised short for the Freshman Discovery Project at VCU. There were 11 scenes, all directed by graduate students in a graduate directing class, and with all Freshman in the theatre program required to perform in one of these before they can do other projects on or […]

Battle Cry

Things progress! Shakespeare’s R&J has been well received, my scene for the Freshman Discovery Project has as well (one night down, one to go), and I had fittings this last week for four different stunt characters for To Have and To Hold (English soldier, Spanish musket man, English settler, and River Pirate). It was my […]