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There was a post I was going to write… continuing a theme on this blog about personal and communal self-defense. The problem was it was a bit too close to home, taking place in my old stomping grounds of Seattle, and involving the death of several members of the artistic community there. That post may […]


Another drive-by post I’m afraid, as I’m now in class 9:30am-noon and 1-3pm and teaching 3:20-5:15 every weekday for a while, with 100+ pages of homework to read this first night… plus a weekend intensive this weekend which they overbooked despite explicit request (in answer to a question on their proposal form, even!)  but I […]

Changing gears again

Shifting back through time, in a way; here’s a project I worked on a couple years ago, and posted about just over a year ago in reference to one of the actors who sadly was killed in action in Afghanistan. Still, that’s the nature of indie film; Clutch was influenced by and treads a very […]

The cost of understanding

As a sequel to the previous post about SAG eligibility and new media, The Hunted has officially launched its third annual contest: On a more serious note, however, I’d like to take a bit of a break from the usual discussion of staging and shooting fake violence to salute those who strive for the truth. […]

Is Interest in Webseries gigs… SAGging?

Very interesting development that was just pointed out to me by Bob Chapin, who created and runs the web series The Hunted. As readers and friends may well know I did an episode for The Hunted (Fuzz Meets Fangs) a couple years back as a part of their first competition, and they may well have […]

Life’s a Bash

It’s been quite the week. Last weekend was my first time checking out the Virginia Beach Bash, a long-running regional SAFD workshop in stage combat and film fighting. I was there as an intern, along with the rest of the motley crew pictured here. More than any other SAFD event I’ve attended (which granted is […]

Squeaky Break

Ostensibly I’m on Spring Break now, so I’d planned to catch up on lots of things, including this blog. As blogging is more fun than grading papers, redoing resumes, etc, it may just happen now… Been a while. A crazy while. [incomplete sentences, -5 points. I should be grading papers…] Things worth mentioning: SETC: This […]

If you can’t take the Heat…

In exchanging emails with a director about a feature he’d like me to do gun wrangling for, I found myself back on YouTube looking for the best trailer for CA$H (as it’s now called- originally released in a limited capacity under BULLETS, BLOOD & A FISTFUL OF CA$H). Interesting to see that there is now […]

Old and New

First, the new:  Maxsell continues to expand their offerings in front-venting blank guns for prop use.  Not at all surprising, once they’ve established a process with the BATF- now many of the Eckols & Voltran models previously seen in top venting are now available in front venting, as are a few more oddities I haven’t […]

Can’t say no

I headed up to DC yesterday to catch the invited dress rehearsal (actually their first full run-through; they’ve got two weeks of rehearsal before opening) of OKLAHOMA at Arena Stage.  There were probably about a half dozen of us from VCU, if you include the fight choreographer (and dept. chair and my advisor) David Leong […]