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Preparing to leave 2012

A look back, a look forward, a look around – all of these are generally prompted by changes in the calendar date. That and the occasional curse when writing a check, followed by some ripping and another check coming out. Looking back it’s been an eventful year. Don’t worry, I don’t have the time for […]

Comings and Goings

The biggest news, if hopefully not the biggest surprise, is that I am now (as of last Friday) a Certified Teacher with the Society of American Fight Directors: Transition certainly, but neither beginning nor ending of anything really. I look forward to teaching cert classes, getting to go to workshops for free (at some point […]


There was a post I was going to write… continuing a theme on this blog about personal and communal self-defense. The problem was it was a bit too close to home, taking place in my old stomping grounds of Seattle, and involving the death of several members of the artistic community there. That post may […]

Awaiting the epilogue

Just sent in what may be the last assignment of my time as a (matriculated, at least) student. It’s been one of my better roles, I think, and with quite the run, even this last two year re-staging in Richmond. As with all shows, there’s a bit of a crash at the end, especially when […]

Battle Cry

Things progress! Shakespeare’s R&J has been well received, my scene for the Freshman Discovery Project has as well (one night down, one to go), and I had fittings this last week for four different stunt characters for To Have and To Hold (English soldier, Spanish musket man, English settler, and River Pirate). It was my […]

Checking in

I think I may be heading in to a brief time of respite, by which I mean a chance to catch up on all the other projects I meant to be doing this Summer and haven’t started yet. This morning I had the last of four sessions at Cumberland public schools, teaching an 8am-12:15pm stage […]