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Ramp It Up (and Down)

Link and Video-heavy. Scroll down if you want to skip the exposition/explanation of terms. Filmmaking blog site Story & Heart had a little piece on Speed-Ramping that reminded me of a post I’ve been meaning to write for a few months now. It’s a popular gimmick in screen action these days – a rebirth of the […]

Preparing to leave 2012

A look back, a look forward, a look around – all of these are generally prompted by changes in the calendar date. That and the occasional curse when writing a check, followed by some ripping and another check coming out. Looking back it’s been an eventful year. Don’t worry, I don’t have the time for […]

Comings and Goings

The biggest news, if hopefully not the biggest surprise, is that I am now (as of last Friday) a Certified Teacher with the Society of American Fight Directors: Transition certainly, but neither beginning nor ending of anything really. I look forward to teaching cert classes, getting to go to workshops for free (at some point […]


There was a post I was going to write… continuing a theme on this blog about personal and communal self-defense. The problem was it was a bit too close to home, taking place in my old stomping grounds of Seattle, and involving the death of several members of the artistic community there. That post may […]

Changing gears again

Shifting back through time, in a way; here’s a project I worked on a couple years ago, and posted about just over a year ago in reference to one of the actors who sadly was killed in action in Afghanistan. Still, that’s the nature of indie film; Clutch was influenced by and treads a very […]

The Fighter or the Boxer?

An old college theatre friend brought this story to my attention: How The Fighter shot 35 days worth of fight scenes in three days I was actually asked a very similar question by a local indie filmmaker; she wants to shoot a boxing match, and was wondering if she should go with actors/stuntmen doing something […]

Life’s a Bash

It’s been quite the week. Last weekend was my first time checking out the Virginia Beach Bash, a long-running regional SAFD workshop in stage combat and film fighting. I was there as an intern, along with the rest of the motley crew pictured here. More than any other SAFD event I’ve attended (which granted is […]

Can’t say no

I headed up to DC yesterday to catch the invited dress rehearsal (actually their first full run-through; they’ve got two weeks of rehearsal before opening) of OKLAHOMA at Arena Stage.  There were probably about a half dozen of us from VCU, if you include the fight choreographer (and dept. chair and my advisor) David Leong […]

The Death Test of Importance

They say (and rightly so) that the time it takes your character to die should be directly proportional to the degree you think your audience should care about them. On that note, Episode 5 of JourneyQuest is up: Ah well, that’s what I get for telling them I was moving out of town. Still, I […]

3D- Different ballgame?

Caught part of this on the radio yesterday, about the new wave of live-action filmmakers who are having to learn how to deal with the exploding demand for 3D live action films. 3D Boot Camp: A New Dimension for Live-Action Film For the filmmakers this is a new challenge in how they compose the visuals, […]