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Many 48hrs ago

With the local 48hr film fest rapidly approaching again (and no, I’m not planning on working any projects this year) I found that last year’s entry is now online, after being held back from public view post-contest while they used it to promote other projects. It was a pretty miserable, long, day of shooting, but […]


There was a post I was going to write… continuing a theme on this blog about personal and communal self-defense. The problem was it was a bit too close to home, taking place in my old stomping grounds of Seattle, and involving the death of several members of the artistic community there. That post may […]


I’ll do more to integrate this with the website later, but I’m trying out the Affiliates program with Kult of Athena, for anyone looking to purchase their own swords instead of renting:     This is where I purchased the recently reviewed Tinker Line bastard swords, and KoA’s had a rep for years (discussed at […]

Product Review: Hanwei Tinker Line

  I’ve been a bit of a slacker on posting lately, due to an overabundance of actual real-life things needing my attention. Besides finishing grad school (writing my thesis and other final projects) there have been a few acting, stunt, and teaching gigs, with more in the works. I’d say I hope to improve, but […]

Teaching the Arts

As at least mentioned in passing earlier, I did a stint of teaching at a combined middle school/high school drama program about an hour’s drive West of here. The aluminum swords held up well, and were definitely the right choice- some of these kids would never have lasted the 3 1/2 hour sessions (!) with […]


I’ve been working as best I can in my “free time” (a term whose meaning has changed with age, children, and other obligations) on a batch of aluminum sword blanks I got an amazing deal on. They were originally spare stock made for Prince of Persia, but were never finished. This means I actually had […]

Summer Status Update

Apologies for the relative lack of activity on the blog front lately. It’s been a busy couple weeks, teaching Public Speaking at VCU in the mornings then rushing over to a local high school to teach stage combat in the afternoon to their Junior and Senior theatre classes. Sounds like I may well be seeing […]

Squeaky Break

Ostensibly I’m on Spring Break now, so I’d planned to catch up on lots of things, including this blog. As blogging is more fun than grading papers, redoing resumes, etc, it may just happen now… Been a while. A crazy while. [incomplete sentences, -5 points. I should be grading papers…] Things worth mentioning: SETC: This […]

Get a Grip

The originally intended “We Live in the Past” post was going to be a review of my fencing outfit I got for Christmas, but that’s going to need to wait for a chance to take some decent pictures, so instead here’s a bit about some current props projects. With the semester just starting, I still […]

Looking back

It’s been a day of looking backwards. My family and I spent the weekend in Colonial Williamsburg. I hadn’t been there since I was a child myself (I believe I dressed as Patrick Henry for Halloween the next year, in 2nd or 3rd grade), and it was good to bring my own children now that […]