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Hang it all, man!

As it always is, it’s been a busy beginning of semester. This year’s mainstage directing for me will be Legacy of Light, a charming story that even now still makes me happy and hits me in the feels, something a script can’t always do when you’ve been living with it as just words on a […]

Squeaky Break

Ostensibly I’m on Spring Break now, so I’d planned to catch up on lots of things, including this blog. As blogging is more fun than grading papers, redoing resumes, etc, it may just happen now… Been a while. A crazy while. [incomplete sentences, -5 points. I should be grading papers…] Things worth mentioning: SETC: This […]


I should have added in that last post, when I mentioned Legacy of Light, a few things that I’ve already shared on the Fight Designer, LLC Facebook page- amongst a number of other things shared there, not all of which I’ll bother blogging about. If you’re on Facebook, you really ought to just go ahead […]