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Quacks like a duck. Isn’t a duck.

First, as a possible sidebar to the previous post on shell-ejecting airsoft props, I bring you a new development in airsoft: sound effects: What do you think? Stupid gimmick, or at all useful? Wonder if you could tie that into your lavalier microphone system and actually make it useful for film or stage. Frankly I’d […]

Shell games

The idea of shell ejecting airsoft props is nothing new; models from companies such as Daisy, Tokyo Marui, Marushin, Maruzen, and others go back at least to the 80s. These have run the gamut from novelty spring power models where you still have to cycle every shot (which is fine for something like the M870 […]

Busy Season

This does seem to be a busy time of year for most in the theatrical profession… it’s been a while since I updated too so this post is a bit long and full of shares. On my list at the moment: Choreography: The high school show of Tough! I did fights for won several awards […]


I’ve been working as best I can in my “free time” (a term whose meaning has changed with age, children, and other obligations) on a batch of aluminum sword blanks I got an amazing deal on. They were originally spare stock made for Prince of Persia, but were never finished. This means I actually had […]

Front venting guns- UPDATE

It does appear that the BATF has gotten more specific on what is permitted and not… which has opened the way for commercial importation of front venting blank guns that are in compliance.  I’ve got a second Zoraki/ATAK 995 coming in the net day or two, to be shipped out immediately for rental along with […]

Front Venting Blank Guns

Finally got to check out the new front venting blank guns mentioned in an earlier post. Got one of my own today (the 925 machine pistol) with a revolver on backorder. First hands-on and test fire was actually thanks to Dr. Anderson at VCU; he’d placed an order ostensibly for Dead Man’s Cellphone (which opens […]