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Beware the Ideas of March

I’ve been negligent on the blog, if justifiably so. Workshops every weekend last month; SETC one weekend, the Cincie Cease & Desist stage combat workshop the next (website’s out of date), LightsUp! Youth open house at Center Stage in Richmond the next (teaching four youth stage combat classes), then assistant coordinating and teaching at the […]

Year-end Wrap Up

It’s been a heck of a year, which at least partly explains the dearth of updates this last Fall. Here’s a bit of a link-tastic 2011 wrap up in reverse: I just met with outgoing Artistic Director of Richmond Shakespeare Grant Mudge about doing fights for their upcoming production of Macbeth. Should be a great […]

Squeaky Break

Ostensibly I’m on Spring Break now, so I’d planned to catch up on lots of things, including this blog. As blogging is more fun than grading papers, redoing resumes, etc, it may just happen now… Been a while. A crazy while. [incomplete sentences, -5 points. I should be grading papers…] Things worth mentioning: SETC: This […]