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Madness all around

First things first: A big shout-out of congratulations to the new SAFD Certified Teachers (so new I think they aren’t on the website yet), who completed and passed the TCW last week: Aaron Preusse Adam Miller-Batteau Amie Root Caitlyn Herzlinger Christopher Elst Collin Bressie Danette Baker Jake Guinn Mike Lubke Mitchell McCoy Nicolas Santana Samantha […]

Pro[se] & Con[ference]

That’s actually not all that far from describing academic theatre conferences, although the cosplay is far less creative and the panel presentations frequently more obtuse. I greatly enjoyed ATHE 2013 though (no link right now, as their page was recently hacked), milking it for all I could; I presented in five sessions, plus a couple […]

Preparing to leave 2012

A look back, a look forward, a look around – all of these are generally prompted by changes in the calendar date. That and the occasional curse when writing a check, followed by some ripping and another check coming out. Looking back it’s been an eventful year. Don’t worry, I don’t have the time for […]

Last day of Sword & Shield Teaching

Today was the last day of teaching for the National Stage Combat Workshop, and I’m proud of the work my Intro to Stage Combat kids did. These are all young men & women who had little to no stage combat experience coming in to this workshop, I believe, and had just a week of classes […]

Report from the TCW

Having a great time at the Teacher Certification Workshop with the SAFD, a bi-or-tri-annual part of the annual National Workshop. I have not been able to attend the nationals before – three weeks is a big chunk of time to get free, and the cost of a three week workshop is proportionally larger than your […]

Something Wicked

The aforementioned Macbeth has opened, garnering three great reviews, two of which explicitly mention the fights:   …and fight director Kevin Inouye provides fearsome and believable action throughout, especially in the crashing final battle between Macbeth and Macduff. -Richmond Times/Dispatch …which also included a full color cover spread on the arts section, I believe… or […]

Year-end Wrap Up

It’s been a heck of a year, which at least partly explains the dearth of updates this last Fall. Here’s a bit of a link-tastic 2011 wrap up in reverse: I just met with outgoing Artistic Director of Richmond Shakespeare Grant Mudge about doing fights for their upcoming production of Macbeth. Should be a great […]

Life’s a Bash

It’s been quite the week. Last weekend was my first time checking out the Virginia Beach Bash, a long-running regional SAFD workshop in stage combat and film fighting. I was there as an intern, along with the rest of the motley crew pictured here. More than any other SAFD event I’ve attended (which granted is […]