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The quick and dirty video

There’s an entire mini-industry around short, crappy films… and when I say industry, I don’t mean that the filmmakers themselves are making any money off it, but groups like the 48hr film fest have been staying in the black for years… with many spin-offs and other short competitions. Why is this? Not as much because […]

Ramp It Up (and Down)

Link and Video-heavy. Scroll down if you want to skip the exposition/explanation of terms. Filmmaking blog site Story & Heart had a little piece on Speed-Ramping that reminded me of a post I’ve been meaning to write for a few months now. It’s a popular gimmick in screen action these days – a rebirth of the […]

Year-end Wrap Up

It’s been a heck of a year, which at least partly explains the dearth of updates this last Fall. Here’s a bit of a link-tastic 2011 wrap up in reverse: I just met with outgoing Artistic Director of Richmond Shakespeare Grant Mudge about doing fights for their upcoming production of Macbeth. Should be a great […]

The Fighter or the Boxer?

An old college theatre friend brought this story to my attention: How The Fighter shot 35 days worth of fight scenes in three days I was actually asked a very similar question by a local indie filmmaker; she wants to shoot a boxing match, and was wondering if she should go with actors/stuntmen doing something […]

Can’t say no

I headed up to DC yesterday to catch the invited dress rehearsal (actually their first full run-through; they’ve got two weeks of rehearsal before opening) of OKLAHOMA at Arena Stage.  There were probably about a half dozen of us from VCU, if you include the fight choreographer (and dept. chair and my advisor) David Leong […]

3D- Different ballgame?

Caught part of this on the radio yesterday, about the new wave of live-action filmmakers who are having to learn how to deal with the exploding demand for 3D live action films. 3D Boot Camp: A New Dimension for Live-Action Film For the filmmakers this is a new challenge in how they compose the visuals, […]