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Preparing to leave 2012

A look back, a look forward, a look around – all of these are generally prompted by changes in the calendar date. That and the occasional curse when writing a check, followed by some ripping and another check coming out. Looking back it’s been an eventful year. Don’t worry, I don’t have the time for […]

Report from the TCW

Having a great time at the Teacher Certification Workshop with the SAFD, a bi-or-tri-annual part of the annual National Workshop. I have not been able to attend the nationals before – three weeks is a big chunk of time to get free, and the cost of a three week workshop is proportionally larger than your […]

The Fighter or the Boxer?

An old college theatre friend brought this story to my attention: How The Fighter shot 35 days worth of fight scenes in three days I was actually asked a very similar question by a local indie filmmaker; she wants to shoot a boxing match, and was wondering if she should go with actors/stuntmen doing something […]

Catching up on shares

Time to catch up on links and shares, if only so I can clear out my mental list of “oh, meant to talk about that”. In the personal projects category: Zombies of Mass Destruction is out on Blu-ray First project of mine to get the HD release, as far as I know. Dorkness Rising to […]